The Sangamam was founded in 2001 by Jacob in Palakkad-Kerala, South India. We would like to introduce Cost Plus Website – our newest initiative we are hoping will spread throughout the design industry.

To achieve this objective, we host a wide range of graphic and web design competitions open to designers throughout the world. 

We started with a vision to empower small businesses to easily have a professional web presence, and be able to keep up with the rapidly changing Internet. We sought to remove the barriers of web site development costs, complicated software, lack of time and web marketing knowledge for small businesses to participate in this economic boom. We adopted a guiding philosophy about our customers: Small business owners are entrepreneurs whose skills are tied to managing their businesses and making things happen.  

We keep it simple and fun, while helping our clients look good on the Internet and succeed with their e-businesses. We’re targeted specifically toward small business success. We have a wide variety of tools and services that satisfy all their needs..

  The Future

As the Internet continues to grow and evolve, we will continue to play a key role in helping our clients achieve their on-line business goals. Small business web sites will be the core of customer communication, sales and operations. Streamlining and automating tasks will help reduce costs and allow people to work smarter and faster. We're committed to continuing to present the best the Internet has to offer, tailored to our customers' needs and presented in a user-friendly way.



We've helped many small businesses establish a professional web presence without large amounts of time and money, and we will continue to empower them with the information and technology they will need to compete on a level playing field internationally. We value your feedback and ideas.




Free Website Templates

You can download template for your website, web page or blog. These attractive HTML web templates are designed by experts just to make your work simpler. It is easy to download, install and customize this template. Freedesignertemplates has a great collection of predefined web templates.

There are many other categories like Art, Business, Finance, Nature, Music, Religious, Fashion, Holiday, Travel, Health, medicine. This free website design template is built using XHTML and CSS.



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