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Qetz Insight / How to make watercolor from House/ like and share /

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Ad Posted: 18 July 2023 Ad Expire: 17 August 2023
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jayanthi jayanthi
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No. , , Kacharkanahalli, Hennur Main Road B
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jayanthi jayanthi
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How to make watercolor at home.. Qetz demonstrates how to make watercolor at home..
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How to make watercolor at home.. Qetz demonstrates how to make watercolor at home..please try at home and mail us your comment and feed back

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Contact : : JAYANTHI
Qetz Insight is a cheerful destination Kids Videos.
In a mixing bowl, mix tablespoons baking soda with tablespoons vinegar until fizzing stops. and tablespoons cornstarch. Mix until a uniform consistency. Not liquidy but a bit clumsy Pour the mixture into individual section cups, filling each about a third to halfway. Add five to drops of food coloring to each cup, mixing in thoroughly, to reach desired colors. Allow paints to set overnight. Use paints on watercolor paper with a wet paintbrush.
Come join us only on Qetz Insight.
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