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short term courses for civil engineering students

Ad Posted: Thursday, July 11, 2019 Ad Expire: Saturday, August 10, 2019
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First floor, Chooraparambil Building Alinchuv
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9946 36 06 06
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Aavishkaara School for Applies Proffesional Training First floor, Chooraparambil Building
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The need for professional management skills is very important for getting the right job. But the sad fact is that most of the engineering graduates, although they have the complete theoretical knowledge, they lack the practical skills required for their jobs, due to which they remain unemployed or are forced to work in fields not related to engineering. We understand this and to solve this dilemma, we, a group of technical enthusiasts started our institute, Aavishkaara School For Applied Professional Training to give students the required professional skills. Our purpose is to provide civil engineering graduates with the right training and guidance so that they get the deserved job in the field of civil engineering. Our training aims for providing you with not only the right practical skills and knowledge but also giving you motivation and inspiration that makes you confident and successful in your career.

Contact us:9946 36 06 06
0484 280 36 06
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