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AIS GPS in Kerala

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Ad Posted: 01 March 2022 Ad Expire: 30 March 2022
Name of Advertiser
Roadpoint Team
Contact Email ID
Not Available
Address Line 1
E Block - , East of Kailash New D
Address Line 2
E Block - , East of Kailash New D
All Kerala
User Location
New Delhi
User Website
Name of Firm (If applicable) or Subheading
Roadpoint Limited
Nearest Town
Main Items Handling (If applicable)
GPS Products
Main Facilities (If applicable)
Fleet Management Saloution
Main Features (If applicable)
Vehicle Location Tracker
Main Speciality (If applicable)
car Tracking
Working Hours
Am to : Pm
Branches/Franchisees (If any)
Discount in % (If applicable)
Land Mark/Route to reach
Opposite Oxford kids School
Contact Person
Rajan Chadha
Interested to contact Brockers/Agents ?
contacted by
Both By Email or Phone

Advertisement Description

We have seen that the AIS GPS in Kerala is more in commercial taxis because the system is costly and not easily available and people thinks that monitoring system is of no use, but we know that nowadays tracking system is necessary for the control of the vehicle. That's why we have made the monitoring system more affordable, and we also make varieties according to the need of the people. We do not compromise with the quality.

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Search Categories: Machinery Equipments, ,

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