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Ad Posted: 12 January 2022 Ad Expire: 11 February 2022
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Marine world
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Not Available
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Marine World, Panchavadi Beach, Edakkazhiyur
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P.O. Chavakkad, Thrissur (Dist), Kerala
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underwater tunnel aquarium
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Panchavadi Beach, Edakkazhiyur P.O. Chavakkad, Thrissur (Dist),kerala
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fish feeding,fish spa, bumper car,d cinema
Working Hours
: to pm
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Marine world
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Marine World is India&#;s Largest Public Aquarium & walkthrough aquarium housing small to big aquatic animals, housed in life-size tanks and over-head aquariums. Plan your visit now
India’s Largest Public Aquarium ” Marine world” is home to a variety of small to large magnificent aquatic species accommodated in life-sized tanks and overhead aquariums.

Ciso Institute Of Oceanic Studies Private Limited is a techno-commercial venture started in by a team of ex-pat businessmen and engineers dedicated to the popularization and awareness creation of the knowledge related to oceans, marine & freshwater animals.
CISO Institute of Oceanic Studies Pvt Ltd., is the brain child of our Founder and C.E.O Shri Faisal. R. O. His strenuous efforts for the past fourteen years helped us to materialise this unique project. This techno commercial venture started in by a team of expats businessmen & engineers decided to popularization and awareness creation of the knowledge related to oceans, marine & fresh water animals. Marine World offers a unique opportunity for children, research students & adults to admire, learn , enjoy & interact with marine & fresh water animals.

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