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Ad Posted: 08 November 2016 Ad Expire: 15 September 2022
Name of Advertiser
Selvaraj & Binish
Address Line 1
25/273 (4), Gramam Road
Address Line 2
Nurani PO
Pin code
Mobile No.[For SMS]

User Location
User Website
Name of Firm (If applicable) or Subheading
Aiswarya Curtains & Furnishing
Official Contact Numbers
9447006222, 9544624536
Nearest Town
Palakkad Town
Local Place/Street
Gramam Road, Nurani
Have Shop/Office/Firm
Established From (If applicable)
Main Items Handling (If applicable)
Curtain/Sofa work, Blinds,Vinyl flooring, Stage curtain work, Modular kitchen, PVC/Bamboo Matt works
Main Facilities (If applicable)
Mosquito net work with long lasting quality
Main Features (If applicable)
Sofa cushion Re-work, Curtain stitching & fittings
Main Speciality (If applicable)
ഫോണിൽ ബന്ധപ്പെടുക, സാമ്പിൾ ക്ലോതുമായി നേരിൽ വരുന്നതാണ്.
Working Hours
9.00 AM - 6.00 PM
Branches/Franchisees (If any)
Vadakkanchery, Shoranu
contacted by
Both By Email or Phone

Advertisement Description

We are a premier interior designers in Palakkad kerala. Our company started Its work in 2001. Having a prolonged experience in interior designing, and all sort of curtain works, We know the pulse of the market and the people. Our Company concentrates in providing true solutions in all aspects for Curtain cloth, Curtain stitching & fittings, sofa cushion work & rework, curtain dry cleaning, vertical Venetian blinds, Vinyl flooring, Stage curtain works, Modular kitchen works, PVC matt & bamboo matt work, Mosquito net work etc.. Our Customer handling efficiency has been notably mentioned by all of our customers. We work for till the customer get satisfied. Aiswarya Curtains & Furnishing is a company which has a manpower strength of more than 20 who works for the company to satisfy every person who deal with us.

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Search Categories: Curtains, Modular Kitchens, Blinds, Sofa/Settee Working,

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