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K9-Dog Training/ Palakkad/ Boarding/ Grooming/ Certified/ Pet Caring

Ad Posted: 24 November 2014 Ad Expire: 13 December 2021
Name of Advertiser
Saji T
Contact Email ID
Address Line 1
Madathil House
Address Line 2
Parayankode, Chttur
Pin code
Contact No.
Mobile No.[For SMS]

User Location
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Name of Firm (If applicable) or Subheading
Saji-K9 Securities-Dog Training-Chittur-Palakkad
Official Contact Numbers
9495943396, 9495424330
Nearest Town
Main Items Handling (If applicable)
All breed dogs from 3 months to 8 years
Main Facilities (If applicable)
Boarding & Grooming, Pet caring, Basic & Advanced dog Obedience, Rehabilitation for any dog behavior
Main Features (If applicable)
All types of breed (3 Months to 8 Years) will be trained at your homes and our training centre
Main Speciality (If applicable)
Certified trainer (Completed dog training in SURAKSHA K9 SECURITIES)
Working Hours
Training duration 1 Month
Land Mark/Route to reach
Near TTC
Contact Person
Mr. Saji
contacted by
By Phone Only

Advertisement Description

Certified dog trainer who is well-versed in basic & advanced obedience, narcotics detection, explosive detection, guard/attack dog training, search and rescue dogs and tracker dog training course who was Completed training under RAJENDER CHAUHAN (Bunty), (Cannie trainer & behaviour expert), New Delhi and trained from the famous Suraksha K9 securities, Delhi under Sanjayak K.P (BSF dog trainer) who was awarded by the Hon'ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh years ago.

We believe in treating the dogs with love and affection. Complete satisfaction guaranteed. Your requirements will be listened by us very carefully and the training will be given accordingly. After training your dog, advice and instructions will be given to the owner of the dog on how to follow up with it further.

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