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ELEGANCE|Spoken English|IELTS|Grammar|Palakkad|Ottapalam

Ad Posted:Saturday, December 17, 2011
Ad Expire:Wednesday, December 18, 2019
User Information:  
Posted by:elegance
Name of Advertiser:Treesa Saju
Contact Email
Address Line 1:Behind HDFC ATM
Address Line 2:Tharekkad
Contact No.:9961363850
Mobile No.[For SMS]:9847903796
User Location:Palakkad
User Web Site:
Ad Information:  
Name of Firm (If applicable) or Subheading:

ELEGANCE ENGLISH ACADEMY [Vacation Batch Started] Coaching Centre

Official Contact Numbers:9847903796, 9961363850
Nearest Town:Palakkad Town
Local Place/Street:Tharekkad
Have Shop/Office/Firm:Yes
Established From (If applicable):2006
Main Items Handling (If applicable):Spoken English, Grammar, Phonetics & British Accent, BA English,IELTS Coaching
Main Facilities (If applicable):Special batch for Teachers, Categorised representation
Main Features (If applicable):Pronunciation with correct accent, Advanced speech therapy with karaoke facility
Main Speciality (If applicable):100% Guarantee within 50 Hours [Duration life long]
Working Hours:8.00 AM - 7.00 PM (Sunday 9.00 AM - 1.00 PM)
Land Mark/Route to reach:Near HDFC ATM
Contact Person:Mr. Saju Sebastian
Interested to contact Brockers/Agents ?:No
contacted by:Both By Email or Phone
Advertisement Description:

Helping Verbs
Questions and Negative Questions
Meaning of Prepositions and Pronouns
Simple Tenses
Do, Does, Did, Will
Informative Questions
Wh Questions with be Forms
Continuous Tenses
Perfect Tenses
Perfect continuous Tenses
Subject – Verb Concord
Modal Auxiliary verbs
Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
Subjunctive Mood
Active and Passive Voice of Modal Auxiliary Verbs
The Phrase and the Clause
Parts of Speech at a Glance
Kinds of Sentences
Direct Speech and Indirect Speech
Formation of Comparative and Superlative Degree
Question Tags
Articles (a, an, the)
Some Important Usages of since, for, as…
Time Words
Confusing Usages
Language Etiquette
Speech Mode
Some Polite Phrases and Phrases
Sentence of Command/ Order
Imperative mode
Colloquial Exclamations
Everyday Phrases
The Same Word Used as Different Parts of Speech
Phrasal Verbs
Phonetics & accent.
BA (English)

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